Nello BlaserAssistant Professor - University of Bergen


During my undergraduate studies in mathematics at the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology Z├╝rich I focused on probability theory and
stochastic processes with applications in mathematical finance. For my
graduate work at University of Bern, I developed methods in mathematical
modelling and biostatistics for the analysis of biomedical data. I
studied in particular the spread of HIV and Tuberculosis in sub-Saharan
Africa. Currently I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department
of Mathematics at University of Bergen working on topological data
analysis. My research interests are centered around topological methods
in statistics and machine learning with a focus on applicability and
practical usefulness of methods, in particular in the biomedical
sciences. Since topological data analysis has been largely developed
from a topological point of view, its theory is further developed than
its practical applicability. I focus on making topological methods
capable of dealing with large datasets, adding topological methods to
existing biostatistics workflows and validating topological methods in
combination with tools from supervised machine learning.



I enjoy dancing swing dances (lindy hop, balboa), playing double bass,
hiking, running and reading fantasy books.

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