Natalie StanleyAssistant Professor - UNC Chapel Hill

    I finished my PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational biology at the University of North
    Carolina—Chapel Hill, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Mucha. My research focus is on the
    development of methods for community detection (clustering methods) in networks. I particularly
    focus on how to handle large, multi scale, and attributed network data. For these problems, I
    seek to develop approaches that are scalable and generalizable to networks with diverse
    structures. Of the many flavors of optimization problems that can be used to solve these
    problems, I enjoy developing and learning probabilistic models to understand data. I have
    applied my developed methods I developed along with standard machine learning techniques to
    problems in neuroscience, microbiome analysis, genomics, and social network analysis.

    I like running in all forms (trail, road, track) as well as dabbling in yoga, hiking, and bouldering. I
    also love volunteering with rescue dogs.

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