Joe (Thanaphong) PhongpreechaPostdoctoral Fellow


I received my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University in November of 2018. My thesis relates to machine learning and computational physics for prediction of properties in materials for alternative energy applications. The research was funded in part by my awarded NSF proposal. As a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford, I am fortunate to be a part of both the Aghaeepour lab and the Montine lab. My research focus revolves around different applications of machine learning in neurodegenerative diseases. This ranges from longitudinal neuropsychological studies to single-cell level multiomics and genomics. Currently, I am working on previously unidentified Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body pathologic pattern in human’s brains through development of clustering methods to identify different subpopulations of synapses in single-synapse resolution. In another on-going project, I am employing in-house developed machine learning models to identify blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. The proposal was funded by the Gates Foundation through Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. It is my endeavor to push findings from research to advance practices in clinical settings.



I am an avid fan of tennis and would be down to play with you if you’re in the area 😉  Also, Dead by Daylight is a good excuse to yell at your friends.

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