Nima AghaeepourAssociate Professor


Back when I was a Computer Science B.Sc. student in the University of Tehran, among other things, I was making a soccer team of robots. My graduate research, mentored by RRB@BCCRC and HHH@UBC, was focused on bioinformatics analysis of single cell data. Together with MR@NIH and PKC@NYU, we developed a pipeline that could identify cellular correlates of clinical outcomes from high-dimensional flow cytometry datasets. Also, we established the very first objective benchmark for evaluation of algorithms that could automatically identify cell-types (and, eventually, correlate them with clinical outcomes). As a postdoc with GPN@Stanford, and now an independent faculty member, I am boardly interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence, immunology, wearable devices, and electronic health records. See the research section for more details.


I am an alumni of the Graduate School of Business’s Ignite program, and a Biodesign Faculty Fellow. I also regularly serve on the scientific advisory boards of wide range of companies, and play with a stealth-mode startup or two. I strongly encourage (and fund) my trainees to take advantage of Stanford’s unique entrepreneurship training programs. I believe the next generation of successful academic life scientists will be both multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial.


I am a pilot (for small/acrobatic aircraft) and a wingsuiter. I also regularly play the piano. My other interests include swimming, mountain climbing, chess, Starcraft, target shooting, modern art, and Mandarin Chinese.

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