Maria XenochristouPostdoctoral Fellow

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Aghaeepour lab, working on various projects, with particular focus on  multi-modal data integration for prediction of clinical outcomes.

Prior to joining the lab, I received my PhD in informatics engineering as part of the WISE CDT program from the University of Exeter in the UK, under the supervision of Prof. Zoran Kapelan. During my PhD, I worked closely with academic and industrial collaborators and completed research placements in the UK (University of Bristol, Wessex Water), Netherlands (KWR Water Research Institute), and Singapore (National University of Singapore).

My doctoral thesis focused on using time-series of water consumption data, as well as customer characteristics and weather information to understand water consumer behavior under different weather scenarios and develop improved models for water demand forecasting. For this purpose, I focused on topics such as machine learning model interpretability, bias correction, and the effect of temporal and spatial scale on feature importance and prediction accuracy. As a result, I developed a new forecasting approach based on model stacking and bias correction for improved water demand forecasting, especially on days with abnormal consumption.

As a PhD student at the University of Exeter, I assisted with teaching several engineering and CS modules, as well as developing network optimization tutorials for our MSc and PhD students. At the same time, I worked as an optimization engineer for Suez Advanced Solutions. As part of this work, I built an interactive user interface in R Shiny to help water companies track water pressure risks within their network and plan operational improvements.

Prior to that, I received a MEng from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). During my degree, I completed a year-long internship as a research assistant at the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin), where I worked on predictive models for sewer deterioration and asset management. Following my return to Greece, I undertook an internship as a data analyst for the Greek start-up Growth Analytics, where I worked on Google Analytics and Google Adwords data for website and search engine optimization.


Interpretable machine learning, forecasting, multi-modal learning, deep learning, computer vision.


I love traveling and exploring new places. When at home, I like cycling, scuba diving, live music, and debating pretty much any topic. My hobbies change depending on the surroundings (and whether pandemics allow us to go indoors) but these days you’ll find me (if not in front of my laptop) playing golf and tennis or surfing.


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