Marc GhanemPostdoctoral Scholar


I pursued my undergraduate studies in Biology at the Lebanese American University, where I focused on bioinformatics research. Subsequently, I completed my Medical Degree at the same institution, during which I actively engaged in various machine learning research projects. During this period, I developed a keen interest in the transformative potential of applying machine learning algorithms in translational settings, particularly within healthcare and medicine.

My collaborations with Mayo Clinic and Thomas Jefferson Hospital provided me with the opportunity to engage directly with real world datasets and actively contribute to co-authored journal articles. At the Aghaeepour Lab, I’m involved in several impactful projects such as:

  1. Topic modelling analysis of the anesthesiology research landscape.
  2. Utilizing generative AI to leverage multimodal omics data and create knowledge graphs connecting biology, physiological markers, and diseases.
  3. Developing a predictive model for total parenteral nutrition constituents in neonates.
  4. Self-supervised learning and model mining to uncover associations between patient phenotypes and clinical trial outcomes.


I enjoy progressive rock and attending concerts. I also like gaming, reading, discovering coastal cities and hiking!

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