Lei XuePostdoctoral Fellow


I did my PhD in Zoology from Nanjing Normal University in China (Dr. Fei Ma’s lab) and went to Baylor College of Medicine (Dr. Yi Li’s lab and Dr. Jiralerspong’s lab) in Houston as a joint PhD doing cancer research. In My PhD study, we built the Diet-induced Obesity (DIO) and Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) mice model and applied RNA-seq, Reverse phase protein lysate microarray (RPPA), metabolic, lipidomic profiling to detect the mechanism of obesity and metformin in triple negative breast cancer.  After graduation, I worked as a computational biologist in Dr. Hong Tang’s lab in Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai. I focused on the research of Virome and unknown viruses from the next-generation sequencing data of the macaque and human brain through computational pipelines. Then I joined Insight Health Data Science Program helping a health insurance company build fraud detection models. Currently I am a postdoc in Dr. Aghaeepour’s lab working on using multi-omics data to predict the patient outcome in different diseases.


I am a fan of LEGO, horror movies, escape rooms, art, meditation, cooking, baking, climbing, hiking and swimming… I also play drum sets, please let me know if your band needs a drum player!

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