Leukocyte telomere dynamics across gestation in uncomplicated pregnancies and associations with stress

Authors: Danielle M. PANELLI M.D., Stephanie A. LEONARD Ph.D., Ronald J. WONG Ph.D., Martin BECKER Ph.D., Jonathan A. MAYO M.P.H., Erica WU M.D., Anna I. GIRSEN M.D., Ph.D., Ian H. GOTLIB Ph.D., Nima AGHAEEPOUR Ph.D, Maurice L. DRUZIN M.D., Gary M. SHAW DrPH., David K. STEVENSON M.D., Katherine BIANCO M.D.; Under review, 2022.

Abstract: TBA

Reproducibility: Code and data for reproducing the results and generating the figures are available for review as an archive file and will be made public upon publication through GitHub. Anonymous reviewer access is provided here.

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